Giving you a voice at the point of care

You are under unprecedented pressure to manage pharmacy spend and ensure accurate prescribing decisions. SwiftRx™ provides actionable influence at the point of prescribing and gives payers the reporting and analytics you need to better manage pharmacy outcomes and your network performance.

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SwiftRx™ for Payers

Better manage pharmacy spend by enabling measureable, consistent, informed prescribing choices.


SwiftRx™ gives you a voice at the point of care by combining evidence-based guidelines with formulary and benefit data—all integrated seamlessly into the prescribing workflow.


Empowered by our condition search functionality, prescribers get members on the right medication the first time, aligning them with formulary and benefit.


Our SwiftRx™ platform analytics provide unprecedented visibility into prescribing decisions at the point of care.

Your voice, amplified

Experience the difference SwiftRx™ makes for payers.

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