Informed, consistent prescribing

Prescription Decision Support (PDS) is a fully-integrated and configurable technology platform that is embedded within your existing EHR. Patient-specific cost, formulary and benefit data are integrated into the point-of-care workflow, making PDS available for complex prescribing decisions.  This means you never have to leave the EHR in order to access the power of PDS. PDS empowers prescribers with the information they need to make informed, consistent prescription decisions.

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Platform Features

Platform Configuration

Configure clinical best practices and cost information within existing EHR workflows. Automatically deploy thousands of clinically validated best practices to multiple EHRs from one centralized hub.

Enable relevant patient-specific payer information including cost, therapeutic alternatives, and formulary restrictions.

Platform Features

PDS at the Point of Care


Search by drug, by diagnosis or review a patient's existing medications within your existing EHR workflow.


Compare patient-specific medication options with cost and clinical information.


Order the most cost-effective, clinically appropriate medication for the patient.

Platform Features

Analytics & Reporting

Enable health system admin to see in-depth prescribing behavior in alignment with best practices. This feature reduces clinical variability and drives out wasteful over-prescribing.

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