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Today, you are making complex medication purchasing decisions on your patients’ behalf. Key information is missing within EHR workflows to support informed prescribing decisions. There is a clear dislocation between clinical decision support and insurance information. SwiftRx™ unifies these siloed data sources, streamlines complex prior authorizations and measures prescribing behavior, helping prescribers make more efficient and consistent decisions.

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Richard Zane, MD
Chief Innovation Officer, UC Health

"Having this data at our fingertips is better and easier for our providers, better for health insurers, and, most importantly, better for patients."

SwiftRx™ for Providers

Helping prescribers make efficient, consistent, informed prescription decisions


The EHR-embedded SwiftRx™ platform simplifies prescription decisions and cuts clicks in half.


Condition-based search functionality enables prescribers to get the right drug the first time, every time.


Evidence-based guidelines are combined with formulary and benefit data, and seamlessly integrated into the existing EHR prescribing workflow.

Prescription decisions, simplified

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