It Starts with a Decision...

Today, prescribers are making complex purchasing decisions on their patients' behalf. Key information is missing at the point of care.

  • Did the patient fill their medication?
  • Does a gap in care exist?
  • Is there a more cost-effective alternative?

RxCheck Platform

Leverage patient data, claims, formularies, cost and clinical protocols to enhance your existing EHR workflows.

  • Enable Consistent Prescribing
  • Optimize Pharmacy Spend
  • Improve Patient Care
  • Drive Performance Metrics
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RxCheck Modules

Customized solutions that solve your specific prescribing challenges.

Cost Optimization

Benefit Guidance

Adherence Messaging


Antimicrobial Stewardship

Gaps in Care

RxCheck Analytics

Gain real-time insights and analytics around prescribing behavior.

Custom Reporting

RxCheck delivers custom reporting so you can analyze prescribing data to gain actionable insights.

Critical Metrics

Track the critical metrics around prescribing that drive performance and outcomes.

Predictive Analytics

Unlock the power of machine learning with our predictive analytics for next generation prescribing.

Trusted By Healthcare Leaders

We've built solutions for some of the leading names in healthcare.

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