RxREVU Prescription Intelligence

Drive Informed, Consistent, and Measureable Prescription Decisions at the Point of Care

RxREVU brings your protocols, formularies, costs, claims, and restrictions, together with our predictive analytics, clinical, adherence and efficacy data into one platform that lowers costs and improves outcomes. And that's why we're all the rage.

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RxCheck Prescription Intelligence Platform

Prescription Decision Support for Healthcare Organizations





Do Your Prescribers Have The Critical Information They Need?

Many organizations lack critical information at the point of care. Prescribing decisions often lack cost and quality insights. And with unsustainable drug spend growth, something must be done.

The RxREVU platform allows you to empower your prescribers with the data they need to make more informed prescribing decisions that ultimately lower costs and improve outcomes, including HEDIS & Star Ratings.

  • Plan Design
  • Formularies
  • Claims Data
  • Clinical Protocols
  • Retail Prices
  • PA. ST. QL.
  • Side Effects
  • Interactions
  • Adherence
  • Popularity
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Bend The Cost Curve

Pharmacy expense is on the rise, and it's threatening patients, providers, and payers. We can help.

With the rise of specialty medications, increasing generic prices, and the shift to value based care, risk bearing players need tools to help them survive. RxREVU helps you bend the cost curve back in your favor by increasing transparency, increasing operational efficiency, and by increasing the ability of providers to make better medication decisions, where it matters most, at the point of care. Take control before things get out of control.

Empower Everyone To Make Better Value-Based Prescribing Decisions

Hard-wire clinical protocols to the exam room.

Stop sending letters that get thrown away. Stop emailing PDFs. Stop your providers from over-prescribing expensive medications. Get the right information to the right people at the right time. RxREVU is the first solution designed to empower everyone at an organization, including non-technical clinical leaders, to easily manage pharmacy data, while increasing transparency, adherence, HEDIS & Star Ratings, and compliance to federal regulations.

RxREVU Users

Better Data = Better Decisions

RxREVU makes it quick and easy to distribute cost and quality data across your organization.

Give your organization the tools it needs to manage drug protocols and disseminate them across your ecosystem. Or, use our highly effective, configurable, savings optimizations to help reduce costs for everyone. So whether you want to see co-pay costs or determine if a specialty drug requires a prior authorization, the information you need is always at your fingertips.

RxREVU Cloud Integration

Improve HEDIS & Star Ratings

Give your physicians the tools they need to support high Star Ratings. Or face the consequences.

We know that Star Ratings are a big deal. Tens of millions of dollars hang in the balance. Give your providers the data they need to make the most informed medication decisions that will support your HEDIS Measures, so your organization can continue to thrive in the shift to value based care.

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One Integrated Platform

Enable your physicians and clinical leadership with the tools they need to stay informed and empowered, from anywhere.

The Tools you Need to Manage Rx

Clinical Curator

Empower your Clinical Leadership with a platform that allows their knowledge to be put to good use. Edit therapeutic alternatives, prior authorizations, step therapy, quantity limits and more. Your clinical protocols can then be distributed with ease.

Savings Optimizer

RxREVU is the leader in medication cost optimization. That means you get the most comprehensive database of therapeutic alternatives, generic substitutions, pill splitting, specialty medication alternatives and more. All completely customizable.

API For Flexibility

Connect your wellness portals, member portals, mobile applications and more to one API. Even if you change PBMs, your applications won’t have to. Our API makes it easy to distribute your pharmacy information across your ecosystem of applications.

White-label Member Portal

Hit the ground running with our pre-built, white-labeled member portals. Our member portal enables you to make your drug costs and clinical protocols easily accessible to your members with zero development time. Upload your company logo and you’re done.

Point of Care Tools

Want the physicians in your network to see your formulary costs? Of course you do. With RxCheck, your physicians can easily see your clinical protocols, costs and restrictions at the point of care, to help them make better decisions when they matter most.

Population Analytics

RxREVU offers deep reporting and analytics into the critical metrics needed to measure clinical performance and population health. With optional EMR integration, you can easily identify high cost patients, and find ways to improve outcomes and lower costs.

The solution you've been waiting for

At RxREVU, we recognize that a Prescription Intelligence Platform needs to be as flexible as its customers are unique. And that’s a challenge we readily embrace. So whether you’re a health plan trying to distribute your formulary, a provider organization trying to activate pharmacy information across your continuum of care, or a Health IT company trying to better serve your clients, RxREVU has the expertise to streamline the chaos of prescription drugs. And that's why Business Insider referred to us as "The Google of Drugs."

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