Webinar: Empowering Providers to Meet Access and Affordability Demands

With integrated technology, it is possible to bridge the gap between clinical and cost data. Learn more in this on-demand webinar with UPMC and Presbyterian Health Services.

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What we do

RxRevu has created the industry’s most reliable real-time cost and coverage network. Through partnerships with leading payers, PBMs, health systems, and EHR vendors, we deliver information to care workflows to enable informed decisions in every patient interaction.

Our point-of-care decision support tools allow providers to view patient-specific data at the point of care, removing administrative hurdles, reducing patient costs, and improving health outcomes.



RxRevu believes in improving the value of healthcare through better prescribing decisions. In the face of rising healthcare costs, providers lack real-time, patient-specific cost information when prescribing. Complex and ever-changing payer preferences, coupled with antiquated processes to deliver formulary and benefit data, leave providers with limited and inaccurate drug cost information. Our integrated Real-Time Prescription Benefit solutions make prescribing decisions easier, faster, and more accurate.

Patient Satisfaction

Allow providers to choose the most effective, low-cost medication at the point of prescribing

process improvement

Remove medication ordering and fulfillment friction for patients and providers

Fiscal Responsibility

Provide insights to improve management of value-based contracts

compliance accuracy

Increase provider compliance with national evidence-based prescribing guidelines

our solutions

SwiftRx® brings real-time, patient- and pharmacy-specific cost information, coverage restrictions, and therapeutic alternatives into native EHR workflows.

RxRevu has developed solutions to bring patient-specific coverage and cost data to the point of care. Our solutions promote cost transparency, improve patient safety and satisfaction, and provide data-driven savings opportunities.

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RxRevu Named Validation Institute 2022 Health Value Award Finalist

The Health Value Award recognizes outstanding services, products, and programs across multiple categories spanning the healthcare industry.

The Role of Price Transparency in Improving Patient Access to Care

New technology offers a complete view of prescription costs, restrictions, and availability, allowing patients to get care at a price they can afford.

RxRevu Significantly Expands Health System Network to Meet Patient Affordability Demands

RxRevu’s growing list of health system partners now includes St. Luke’s University Health Network, Hospital Sisters Health System, and UVA Health.

RxRevu Announces Product Enhancements to Display Plan Costs and Drive Provider Engagement

The company has invested in product enhancements to reduce overall healthcare costs and help providers make better prescribing decisions.

Make the Switch, Your Patients Will Thank You

RxRevu’s detailed reporting enables us to work closely with providers to reduce care variability and identify lower-cost prescribing opportunities.

Why Data Quality Matters in Price Transparency Workflows

Now more than ever, healthcare technology vendors have a responsibility to both identify and improve the data flowing through their pipes.

Webinar Recap: Empowering Providers to Meet Access and Affordability Demands

Experts from UPMC, Presbyterian Healthcare Services, and RxRevu discuss how integrated technology bridges the gap between clinical and cost data.

Evolving Prescribing Practices and Payer Coverage Throughout the COVID-19 Pandemic

Regardless of when the pandemic is officially declared over, prescription utilization and spending are expected to increase as deferred care resumes.

These Colorado Companies Were Named ‘Economic All-Stars of the Rocky Mountains’

RxRevu was among the top 10 businesses on Inc. magazine’s list of the fastest-growing companies in the Rocky Mountain region.

“This took two seconds and saved the patient, the pharmacy and our clinic a couple of phone calls and the hassle of dealing with this substitution over the following several days, in addition to saving the patient $200. Instead of the usual ‘guess-again’ game where we prescribe a medicine and hope that the co-pay is affordable at the pharmacy, now we can see an accurate cost-estimate at the time of prescribing, and even see suggested alternatives.”

CT Lin, Chief Medical Information Officer, UCHealth 

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