new Whitepaper: Delivering Pharmacy Benefit Data Providers Can Trust

Real-Time Prescription Benefit rebuilds trust in pharmacy data so that providers can prescribe the right drug, at the right price, in real time. Download the whitepaper to learn how innovations have enabled RTPB to function with increased speed, accuracy, and completeness of pharmacy benefit information.

Better Decisions

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What we do

RxRevu has created the industry’s most reliable real-time cost and coverage network. Through partnerships with leading payers, PBMs, health systems, and EHR vendors, we deliver information to care workflows to enable informed decisions in every patient interaction.

Our point-of-care decision support tools allow providers to view patient-specific data at the point of care, removing administrative hurdles, reducing patient costs, and improving health outcomes.



RxRevu believes in improving the value of healthcare through better prescribing decisions. In the face of rising healthcare costs, providers lack real-time, patient-specific cost information when prescribing. Complex and ever-changing payer preferences, coupled with antiquated processes to deliver formulary and benefit data, leave providers with limited and inaccurate drug cost information. Our integrated Real-Time Prescription Benefit solutions make prescribing decisions easier, faster, and more accurate.

Patient Satisfaction

Allow providers to choose the most effective, low-cost medication at the point of prescribing

process improvement

Remove medication ordering and fulfillment friction for patients and providers

Fiscal Responsibility

Provide insights to improve management of value-based contracts

compliance accuracy

Increase provider compliance with national evidence-based prescribing guidelines

our solutions

SwiftRx® brings real-time, patient- and pharmacy-specific cost information, coverage restrictions, and therapeutic alternatives into native EHR workflows.

RxRevu has developed solutions to bring patient-specific coverage and cost data to the point of care. Our solutions promote cost transparency, improve patient safety and satisfaction, and provide data-driven savings opportunities.

Better Data, Better Care: Delivering Pharmacy Benefit Data Providers Can Trust

Real-Time Prescription Benefit rebuilds trust in pharmacy data so that providers can prescribe the right drug, at the right price, in real time.

RTPB: A Surprise and Delight in the EHR

Health systems should be optimistic that the EHR user experience will improve—one day.

Webinar Recap: Enabling Shared Decision Making at the Point of Care

Experts from Providence, CVS Health, and Cerner joined us to discuss how new technologies can drive care access and cost transparency.

Real-Time Prescription Benefit Helps Patients Get Safe and Affordable Treatments

With real-time prescription benefit check, patients don’t have to take unnecessary risks to get affordable care.

Webinar Recap: Empowering Providers With Real-Time Cost and Coverage Data

The RxRevu team was joined by experts from FDB, UnityPoint Health, and Watson Clinic to discuss best practices for driving engagement at the point of care.

Let Doctors Be Doctors With Better Patient Data

Technology has allowed for many medical advancements, but it also has become a burden. It’s time we help providers get back to doing the job they love.

Creating a Personalized Prescribing Experience for Each Patient

Patients shouldn’t have to leverage an obsolete shopping model and wait until they get to the pharmacy to know the cost of their prescriptions.

The Next Generation of Intelligent Decision Support

We can no longer accept inferior data and inaccurate processes that prevent us from delivering cost-effective care. Patients and providers deserve better.

RxRevu Receives Cerner Partner of the Year Award

RxRevu is the recipient of a Partner of the Year Award from Cerner. The nominees included some of the most innovative healthcare technology companies from across the country.

2021 Outlook Report: Enabling Value-Based Decision Making at the Point of Care

At this year’s Health Evolution Summit, key industry leaders came together to examine obstacles and opportunities for delivering the most relevant information to the point of care.

“This took two seconds and saved the patient, the pharmacy and our clinic a couple of phone calls and the hassle of dealing with this substitution over the following several days, in addition to saving the patient $200. Instead of the usual ‘guess-again’ game where we prescribe a medicine and hope that the co-pay is affordable at the pharmacy, now we can see an accurate cost-estimate at the time of prescribing, and even see suggested alternatives.”

CT Lin, Chief Medical Information Officer, UCHealth 

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