RxRevu is the leading provider of decision support solutions that improve patient access to care. But we didn’t get to where we are by chance. The story of RxRevu centers around providers — from our founding and funding to hiring and product development, providers are at the center of what we do. If we can enable providers to practice at the top of their license, we can greatly impact care access, affordability, and patient outcomes.

Our Founding

In 2013, Dr. Kevin O’Brien realized his mother’s prescription costs were nearly bankrupting her. A practicing physician, he began to compile lists of drug options that Lucy could bring to her provider and save hundreds of dollars every month. Dr. O’Brien knew there must be a better way to automate this manual look-up process — and that’s when RxRevu was born.

prescription price transparency
A dedicated team of healthcare experts started building a vast network of payers, PBMs, providers, and EHR vendors to present medication cost and coverage information in the prescribing workflow. Dr. O’Brien’s vision of helping his mother evolved into a mission to help every Lucy access the most affordable medication options.

Health System Funding

Over the course of the past decade, leading health systems have invested in RxRevu because they passionately believe in our mission. Providence, Froedtert & the Medical College of Wisconsin, UCHealth, Children’s Hospital Colorado, UVA Health, Presbyterian Healthcare Services, and UnityPoint Health have all invested in RxRevu to help us develop technology solutions that break the mold of what a digital health company can accomplish.

With support from health system investment, RxRevu has been able to develop unique capabilities within our Real-Time Prescription Benefit solution — including quantity unit conversions, rule-based intelligent alternatives, fulfillment option configurations, and additional discount opportunities — that create a superior experience for both patients and providers. By closely aligning our mission with health system investment goals, we can better serve providers at scale.

Ongoing Innovation

In addition to our investor partners, RxRevu also collaborates closely with leading health systems on testing product enhancements that continue to improve provider workflows. Health system teams share the challenges they want to solve and provide us with constructive feedback on our current set of solution offerings. Through these conversations, RxRevu gains unique insights from providers, and builds product roadmaps based on their priorities.

Our ability to engage with providers through client work and our innovation partner group enables unparalleled service and innovation speed. New offerings incubated with innovation partners are rigorously tested and keep RxRevu at the forefront of provider workflow development.

Clinical Expertise

As the team has grown from Dr. Kevin O’Brien and a handful of employees to nearly 100 healthcare technology and pharmaceutical experts nationwide, we have remained consistent in our mission to help patients by working closely with providers. Our team is comprised of seasoned healthcare professionals, pharmacists, and technology experts who have worked in all healthcare settings. Additionally, our board of directors includes health system CMOs, CIOs, and innovation leaders from across the industry. With the combined clinical expertise of our team, we are uniquely positioned to represent the provider’s best interests in everything we do.

RxRevu works with the nation’s leading health systems to do what’s right for our provider partners. By doing so, we are improving care workflows, cost transparency, and patient outcomes. Reach out to learn more about joining our growing provider network.

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