When a patient is speaking with their provider in an exam room, very rarely do they know what is going on behind the computer screen.

Nevertheless, RxRevu is hearing more and more that patients are asking for medication pricing information from their providers, a long-awaited shift to consumerism in the healthcare industry. Patients who ask for pricing may initiate a sequence of events that can ultimately lead to a lower-cost option being prescribed.

With RxRevu’s Real-Time Prescription Benefit (RTPB) solution enabled in the ePrescribing workflow, providers can easily view patient-specific medication costs, lower-cost alternatives, and any alerts that might prevent a patient from receiving a prescription at the pharmacy counter.  

prescription price transparency

When a provider chooses to switch to another medication option, RTPB will automatically populate the new medication information into the ordering window, facilitating a seamless experience to order a more affordable care option. Historically, however, we have not been able to track specific medication switches and the benefit to the patient — until now.

Measuring Switches and Patient Savings

With new data connections and analytic insights, we are now able to measure what prescription was originally pended and if the provider made a switch to a different med, a different fulfillment option (e.g. pharmacy location, mail-order, etc.), or an option that avoided a restriction (like a prior authorization).

This level of detailed reporting enables us to work more closely with our provider partners, reduce care variability, and identify opportunities for low-cost prescribing. For example, we can see that one doctor at a health system in Colorado was able to save a patient $769 dollars by switching a heartburn medication from the patient’s preferred pharmacy to the mail-order option. $769!

To create perpetual impact, we can flag these types of opportunities for other providers in the system and drive significant savings for patients in the region.

Additionally, we have examples that demonstrate various switch types being made because of the data within our RTPB display window:

  • A provider from Wisconsin switched from a 2% cream to a 2% ointment of mupirocin, saving a patient $168.
  • A provider from Pennsylvania switched a diabetes medication order from a patient-preferred pharmacy to a recommended local pharmacy, saving a patient $92.
  • A provider from North Carolina switched from a non-covered anti-fungal medication to a covered option, saving a patient $43 and avoiding a prior authorization.

These examples are only a glimpse into the meaningful impact RTPB can have on patient affordability and access. With accurate data at their fingertips, providers can make more informed prescribing decisions with their patients, and improve speed-to-care and adherence. Reach out to learn about how we can help you drive significant cost savings for your patients.


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