Payers and Pharmacy Benefit Managers (PBMs) are under unprecedented pressure to help provider systems manage pharmacy spend by ensuring accurate cost and coverage information is available at the point-of-care.

The SwiftRx platform delivers actionable data to providers and gives payers and PBMs the reporting and analytics they need to better manage costs, outcomes, and performance.

What We Offer

The SwiftRx® Prescription Decision Support Solution:

  • Gives payers and PBMs a voice at the point-of-prescribing by delivering real-time, patient and pharmacy-specific cost information, coverage restrictions, and therapeutic alternatives to native EHR workflows
  • Enables providers to prescribe members the most cost-effective medication the first time, aligning with benefit details
  • Increases compliance and adherence with health plan formularies
  • Provides enhanced visibility into prescribing decisions at the point-of-care

cost transparency

cost efficiency


enhanced visibility

What makes us different

Our unique approach helps payers and PBMs:

  • Reduce administrative burden and prior authorization usage
  • Increase on-formulary prescribing and covered service ordering
  • Improve medication adherence and member experience by providing complete price transparency at the point-of-care
  • Drive provider engagement through in-workflow alerts and care recommendations, as well as ongoing training

our solutions

SwiftRx® brings real-time, patient- and pharmacy-specific cost information, coverage restrictions, and therapeutic alternatives into native EHR workflows.

RxRevu has developed solutions to bring patient-specific coverage and cost data to the point-of-care. Our solutions promote cost transparency, improve patient safety and satisfaction, and drive data-driven savings opportunities.

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