Connecting payer and provider data to allow for more informed, cost-effective care decisions at the point-of-care.

The Industry’s first medical benefits data exchange

SwiftMx displays comprehensive patient coverage information in the care workflow, allowing physicians to have conversations around the total cost of care, as well as available support services covered under each patient’s insurance plan.

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Key Stakeholder Benefits:


With real-time, accurate data at the point-of-care, patients can feel confident they are receiving the most cost effective, covered care options.

With access to payer data, patients will have a better experience, and see improved health outcomes.

Health Systems and Providers

 Providers have always wanted accurate data at the point-of-care. Now, SwiftMx can help reduce administrative burden (PA clearance) and drive informed patient interactions.

Health systems are able to meet broader interoperability requirements and quality-based incentive programs.

Health Plans

Health plans can now deliver patient-specific coverage and cost information to where it matters most.

SwiftMx helps plans meet interoperability requirements, drive formulary and benefit adherence, and meet quality-based incentive programs.

SwiftMx Services:

The Gaps-in-Care service alerts you of open gaps for your patients, helping you adhere to HEDIS and other quality measures.

Easily view which laboratory care providers are in a patient’s health plan network as well as the out-of-pocket cost for the patient.

With the Eligibility service, you can easily view the status of a member’s eligibility for various care services, based on their health plan coverage.

With the referral service, you can instantly see the specialists available in your patient’s health plan network as well as patient out-of-pocket estimates.

Easily view a rolling history of a patient’s care, including procedures, diagnoses, visits, medications, and immunizations, with a drill down to the details of each.

With the Prior Authorization service, you can quickly see if a PA is needed for a procedure, and in which care settings.

Quickly see if prescribed medications are covered under the patient’s health plan formulary and view recommended therapeutic alternatives..

How It Works:

“One of the major benefits I’ve found from working with RxRevu is that without exiting my usual workflow, I’m able to get the patient exactly what they need at the right time, for the right cost. It’s tremendously benefited the efficiency with which I work and the sense I have that I’m doing the right thing for the patient.”

– Kelly Bookman, M.D., UCHealth

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