On April 7th, RxRevu President and Chief Strategy Officer, Kyle Kiser, was joined by Joel White, President of the Health Innovation Alliance, and Aneesh Chopra, President of CareJourney, for a timely conversation about price transparency legislation and how healthcare organizations can best prepare for the future of patient-centered care.

The conversation focused on current and upcoming policy changes that mandate access to patient data and pricing information. As Aneesh, Joel, and Kyle discussed, these rules are meant to bring the patient back to the center of the care ecosystem.

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There has been significant progress in the development of interoperable tools that can interpret patient data, but there is still much left to be done to make accurate pricing information available to key stakeholders when it matters most.

On the call, Kyle, Aneesh, and Joel spoke in detail about:

  • Recent policy acceleration and how new regulation is meant to create a more seamless experience for patients and providers
  • What payers and providers need to do to be compliant with upcoming deadlines
  • How better access to data can allow for more informed conversations with patients, while reducing costs and improving outcomes
  • How prescription decision support technologies have been successful in creating better workflows, experience, and value
  • Hopes for the future of interoperability, point-of-care tools, and policy

To watch a replay of the webinar, you can access the recording here.  If you are interested in learning more about how RxRevu can help you develop your organization’s price transparency strategy, please reach out today.

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