Formulary and Benefit (F&B) data has been used to inform prescribing decisions for decades. But F&B has remained largely unchanged for most of that time—often adding unnecessary burden to provider workflows because of antiquated data retrieval processes.

Enter Real-Time Prescription Benefit (RTPB), technology that enables comprehensive, patient-specific cost and coverage information to be displayed within the EHR in real time. Gone are the days of price ranges and incomplete data. With Real-Time Prescription Benefit, you can rebuild trust in pharmacy data so that providers can prescribe the right drug, at the right price, in real time.

real time prescription benefit whitepaper

In collaboration with Fierce Healthcare, RxRevu developed an insightful whitepaper looking at various perspectives on how we, as an industry, can bring better data to provider workflows, and how that data can impact care outcomes.

Specifically, the whitepaper examines how innovations across the last decade have enabled RTPB to function with increased speed, accuracy, and completeness of pharmacy benefit information. Additionally, interviewees discuss the history of electronic prescribing, how RTPB can deliver superior data to provider workflows, and where the future of prescribing is headed.

Download the whitepaper to read perspectives from:

  • Kevin Maben, Pediatrician and Clinical Informaticist, Presbyterian Healthcare Services
  • Pooja Babbrah, Practice Lead for PBM and Pharmacy Services, Point-of-Care Partners
  • Christie Callahan, Chief Operating Officer, RxRevu

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