The price of a medication can be a significant factor in a patient’s willingness—or ability—to follow their prescribed treatment plan. Yet the unfortunate truth is that, unlike nearly every other product a consumer might purchase in their typical day, the price of a medication is often unknown until checking out at the pharmacy counter.

Real-Time Prescription Benefit solves that problem by bringing patient-specific benefit and coverage information into EHR workflows, allowing providers to have informed conversations with patients about affordable medication options.

But bringing just any data to the point of care is not good enough because “if providers don’t think the information is reliable, they’re not going to actually change their behavior.” What’s needed is a real-time, patient-specific look into medication prices and coverage information while the patient is still in the exam room.

real time prescription benefit whitepaper

Through a partnership with Healthcare Innovation, RxRevu developed a whitepaper outlining some of the biggest challenges in delivering accurate data to the point of care, best practices for gaining provider trust in EHR-integrated tools, and how organizations can make point-of-care price transparency a reality for patients and providers.

As noted in the whitepaper, health systems “need technology to educate physicians, and help them understand costs in real-time.” While Real-Time Prescription Benefit is typically a small piece of a larger patient-centric strategy, figuring out how to bring patient data to the point of care can drive valuable conversations and positive health outcomes.

Download the whitepaper to read perspectives from:

  • Chronis Manolis, Chief Pharmacy Officer, UPMC Health Plan
  • Aaron Martin, Chief Digital Officer, Providence
  • Kyle Kiser, Chief Executive Officer, RxRevu
  • Christie Callahan, Chief Operating Officer, RxRevu

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